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Gentle Advent Devotion Number 3

This is the third of four devotions in the Gentle Advent series. You can read more about what Gentle Advent is here.

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Welcome to the next stop on our journey. When you’re ready, turn over the third card. Let’s read the Bible verse and spend a moment savouring the Saviour together.

Jesus says:

“I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me." John 14:6

We’ve looked at Jesus as the word and the light. Here he says he is the way, the truth and the life. There’s much to unpack in these few words but I want us to start by noticing something. The repetition of the word “the”. It’s a pattern and perhaps one that some of us are familiar with. Maybe, like me, you often miss its beauty. Well today we’ll take a moment to enjoy the view.

This is a pattern of absolutes. Ultimates. Beauties that show us Jesus’s sufficiency. Each one forming part of a foundation. And not just any foundation but the sure and firm foundation that is Jesus.

And it is on this foundation, on himself, that Jesus builds. But what is he building? Jesus is building the church, that’s us, and he’s building us up into maturity.

And what does maturity mean? Ephesians 4 gives a chef’s kiss answer which I’ll attempt to summarise in part here. Growing in Christ looks like unity, humility, patience, love, perseverance and good works of service. Increasingly loving God and one another. Wanting what’s good and best for one another. Being made into what we are. Growing in truly living. Becoming fully Human. In Christ. Things that will last forever. Long after daily troubles have passed.

What a glorious vision. But it’s hard to see sometimes around me and particularly when I look at myself.
Here is where the wonderful biblical building metaphor helps us further. We need to remember that a house is built one brick at a time.

And God builds his people, communally and individually, one brick at a time. Change is often slow! He is the builder who is pleased to use us in his work as he chooses and in his time.

Each time we look at Jesus and see him more for who he is, we grow. Little by little, day by day, in the ordinary and extraordinary.

Be encouraged dear friends, he is at work and he will complete the work he has started. Look at these attributes of Jesus and why not pick one to savour today.

  • Jesus is the way for us to be children of God with a sure hope and future.
  • Jesus is the truth in character and salvation. He is truth personified.
  • Jesus is the life. Vibrantly and wonderfully. We experience this now in part and one day fully forever.

Let’s Pray

Lord Jesus, thank you that you are the way, the truth and the life. Please help us see more clearly day by day how beautiful you are as your spirit works in and through us. Please help us know that you are with us and that you hold us securely in every situation.

For your glory and our good,



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