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Gentle Advent Devotion Number 1

This is the first of four devotions in the Gentle Advent series. An unhurried and gentle journey during Advent looking at the beautiful Lord Jesus in the Gospel of John. You can read more about what Gentle Advent is here and if you’d like you can buy the Gentle Advent - Hand-lettered Scripture Card Set here.

⭐️ You can listen to it or read it below ⭐️

At each stop on our gentle journey during Advent we’ll spend a few minutes looking at one of the ways John describes Jesus. Here’s the first stop and it’s time to sit and rest in whatever way you’re able to. I’m going to grab a coffee and get cosy. When you’re ready, turn over the first card. We’ll read the Bible verse and spend a moment savouring the Saviour together.

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. John 1:1

Words Are Everywhere

We’re surrounded by them. Verbal and visual. From within and without. Spoken and unspoken. We speak, listen, read, think and see. From nattering over a coffee to a shared chuckle or an expressive shoulder shrug to time in a book or on a screen. There are countless examples.

I love how often we see the reality of God’s design in the world we live in. A world full of words reflects the reality of our relational God. Words at their purest help us glimpse his beauty and design. Words at their ugliest show the reality of hearts gone astray.

Words are an integral part of communication. Community. Relationships.

Communicating is an intrinsic part of being human.
Why? I think the primary reason is wonderfully and marvellously because you and I are made in the image of God. God made us for relationship. With him and each other.

God speaks, listens, interacts and relates. God communicates and so we communicate because we’re made in his image.

Jesus Is The Word

Words are the building blocks of stories. The greatest being the unfolding redemptive story throughout the Bible. And the Bible itself is God’s word.

We come to know the Lord through the gospel, “the good news”, words of redemption and salvation.

And in John 1:1 we see something curious. Jesus, fully man and fully God, is described here as “the Word”. For all Jesus’s many other attributes and titles, here he is called “the Word”. And not just any word. But THE Word.

Our faith is in a person, the Lord Jesus, the living Word. I love this. How fitting that the God who spoke creation into being would enact salvation through the Word.

Jesus, the Word, the gospel personified, stepped physically into his world to rescue and redeem. Lavishly and ungrudgingly. To usher in the perfect peaceful kingdom that one day will be completed when he returns.Through Him we see and know the Father. Jesus pursues and gathers his precious people in. Because that is the character and the power of our God.

That is whose arrival we celebrate especially at Christmas.

As we look forward to commemorating Jesus’s birth we can thank God for the gift of the Word. The gift of knowing and belonging to Jesus. Of being secure in him because of what he has done. He remains safe, steadfast and secure no matter how noisy our feelings or world.

Let’s Pray

Lord Jesus, thank you that you are the Word. Full of love and grace. Thank you that through you we are saved and in you we are secure. Thank you that you speak and delight to listen to your people. Thank you that you are kind and gentle.

This Advent season, whatever we’re going through, please write these words on our hearts and remind us of your beauty. And help us where we are able to extend your love to others.

For your glory and our good,



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